How Does Stitch Clothing Work?

From pattern making to fabric sourcing, cutting and sewing, clothing manufacture is a complex journey that showcases the craftsmanship and creativity behind everyday garments. It’s important to understand the entire process to ensure a seamless experience for omnichannel customers.

Stitch is a personal styling service that sends boxes of five pieces to its customers each month (called Fixes). Customers provide a style quiz that helps their stylists learn more about them, including their tastes, sizes, and needs. They can also share a Pinterest board with their stylist to give them more specific details about their preferences.

Once a customer’s profile is complete, they pay a $20 styling fee and their stylist selects clothing for them to keep or return. They can ask their stylist to include certain types of clothes, such as jeans or dresses, and they can request specific colors or styles.

Then, they receive a box of clothes in the mail and can try on the items at home to see what works with them. They can also write a note to their stylist, and they can update their style profile at any time.

If they love a piece of clothing and want to buy it, they can checkout online. The company offers free shipping and returns. In addition, they can swap out a size or color if they aren’t happy with their picks. And if they don’t want to keep any of the items, they can seal them up in a pre-made envelope that is included with their Fix and return them to Stitch. Stitch clothing