How a Hair Dryer Is Made

A hair dryer is one of the most useful and common household appliances. It blows ambient or hot air over the damp hair to speed the evaporation of water from the hair, thus helping to shape and style it, by strengthening temporary hydrogen bonds within the strands. It also helps seal the outer cuticle, locking in moisture, improving shine and softness. The right hair dryer can make a big difference in your blowout, and it’s important to select the right model to achieve the look you want.

While most of the components are pre-assembled at the manufacturing plant, a hair dryer must be light-weight and easy to handle during use. The outside shell is made of durable plastics while the electric motor and fan blade are built into a small, lightweight housing. The electrical motor is powered by a current that runs through copper wiring and switching mechanisms. The wire is coiled around insulating mica boards and is protected by the nichrome alloy. This is a low-melting metal that doesn’t oxidize or rust at the high temperatures used in hair dryers.

Hair dryers are also designed to be safe. The front grill is a protective screen that prevents children (or particularly inquisitive adults) from sticking their fingers down the barrel, where they could be burned. The polarized electrical plug helps reduce the risk of accidental shock. A warning label showing that the hair dryer must be kept away from water is attached to the cord. After the assembly process is complete, the dryers are boxed along with instructions and additional safety warning materials and are ready to ship. a hair dryer