How a Celebrity Bodyguard Keeps Stars Safe

When a celebrity becomes a big star, they usually hire a bodyguard. These security specialists may escort their clients to dinner, business meetings, music video sets, and shopping excursions. They are also a deterrent to would-be attackers, with their physical strength being a key factor in keeping celebrities safe.

They often work in teams, and the advance security team makes a sweep of the location before the client arrives. They are familiar with all the walking routes the celebrity takes to get inside a venue, as well as locations for bathrooms and fire exits. They are also aware of all the people in the area and can screen out fans or paparazzi with ease. If they are not sure about someone, they will quickly bring their client away from the area or place them in a vehicle.

These guards must be able to handle the pressure of the job and stay calm under extreme circumstances. They are trained to assess a situation and make decisions in split seconds, which is why their training includes practical exercises where they role-play an entire emergency scenario from start to finish.

They have to be incredibly physically fit to be able to protect their celebrity clients, and they must also possess the mental strength needed for their line of work. Many celebrity bodyguards have heroic stories of saving their stars from embarrassing photographs or press events, but it is not uncommon for relationships to become toxic and for a client to terminate their contract. Billie Jean enterprises