Heat Pump Repair Services

Taking care of your HVAC equipment pays off—both on your energy bills and when it comes to repairs. A yearly maintenance call ensures that your heat pump operates as efficiently as possible, saving you money and extending its life.

Heat pump repair services often cost less than you might think. A technician’s hourly rate is based on their skills and the parts needed to fix your heat pump. Older models with more complex components and smaller systems that can only cool or heat a room are more expensive than newer, more efficient units. A technician may also spend more time repairing a heat pump located in a tight crawl space than one that is easily accessible.

Thermostat settings
A properly functioning thermostat is vital to your heat pump’s operation. It tells the unit to switch between heating and air conditioning, depending on the season. A malfunctioning thermostat could cause the system to run constantly—even if the house is warm enough. If your system runs continuously and a breaker isn’t tripped, check the thermostat to make sure it’s set correctly and to the “heat” or “air conditioning” mode.

A dirty air filter or a clogged condensate drain line can prevent your heat pump from operating. It’s easy to clean your filters and keep the area around your outdoor unit free of debris. A professional can inspect the unit, ensure the fan is working properly and that there are no mechanical issues with the compressor, motor or other electrical components. The technician can also verify that the disconnect switch and test time delay function properly to reduce electric hazards and ensure that the unit has sufficient lubrication to reduce friction and energy consumption. Heat pump repair services