German Classes in London

German classes are popular with adults for a variety of reasons. You may wish to travel to Germany or Austria, or learn the language for your job (Germany is a major contributor to global business). Being fluent in German can also open doors to internships or to work with people who speak the language.

The UCL Centre for Languages & International Education offers evening courses for students who want to learn the German language. The instructors are native speakers and popular with their students, creating a friendly and stimulating environment for learning. Registration opens in summer for autumn courses.

In a group class, you’ll get the support of classmates and make friends as you learn conversational German together. Lessons are interactive and fun, and each lesson builds on the next so you’ll be speaking in no time.

One of our favorite free options is DeutschAkademie, which offers learning materials for all levels and multiple learning methods. It has a free app that lets you practice your language skills with short, easy-to-follow lessons. If you want to take your language learning more seriously, this program allows you to move up to a paid course.

For those who would like to focus on grammatical structures, this course gives you the chance to refresh your understanding of German through five thematic units. You’ll review concepts like dependent clauses, prepositions, and the passive voice, while gaining confidence in your ability to communicate in German in real-life situations. German classes London