Facial Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is the presence of dark spots and patches of skin. These dark areas are the result of a buildup of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. People with darker skin tones are more prone to this problem, and it can be caused by a number of factors including sun damage, acne, psoriasis, or medications. There are many treatments available for those suffering from facial hyperpigmentation, and there are also some natural remedies that can help.

The best way to get rid of dark spots and patches is to prevent new ones from occurring. The easiest way to do this is to use a sunscreen with a high SPF every day and reapply it frequently as directed. Another important factor to consider is avoiding irritants that can cause facial hyperpigmentation, such as certain skincare products, acne medications, or even stress.

If you are taking a medication that causes facial hyperpigmentation, talk to your doctor about changing the medicine or switching to a different one. Doing this before the dark marks become too pronounced will make them easier to remove.

There are a number of medical-strength products that can be used to treat facial hyperpigmentation, such as trichloroacetic acid peels, kojic acid, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, hydroquinone, and others. Our dermatologists can recommend the right product for your specific condition. Natural treatments such as licorice extract may also be useful in getting rid of dark marks on the face, especially those caused by sun damage. Liquorice extract contains glabridin, which inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which leads to pigmentation. hyperpigmentation treatment