Elevate Your Shabbat and Holiday Experience With a Silver Kiddush Cup

Nothing can elevate your Shabbat and Holiday experience like a beautiful silver kiddush cup. From contemporary to traditional designs by Israel’s top Judaica artisans we have a silver kiddush cup to suit every taste.

A silver kiddush cup, or goblet is used to hold wine or grape juice for the Kiddush ceremony which sanctifies and elevates Shabbat, Jewish holidays, births and other special occasions. Traditionally, when saying Kiddush one uses all their senses; they see the glass of wine, smell the grape juice or wine and touch the silver plate that holds the cup. This is done to remind us of how Moses consecrated the Mishkan, using all his senses.

There are a number of types of cups that can be used for Kiddush; however, silver is considered the best since it is purer and does not react to the wine with an undesirable reaction. It is important to keep in mind that a silver cup must be in perfect condition and cannot be tampered with or chipped in any way. This is to make sure that the wine is not diluted or adulterated and to avoid any kosher violations.

This stunning sterling silver kiddush cup is a classic design with an open top and rounded rim. A delicate yet sturdy silver sphere connects the cup to the angled base completing this unique design. A great gift for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding or new family heirloom. silver kiddush cup