Dometic Cooling Units Powered Coolers

Dometic Cooling Units

Powered coolers quickly chill to refrigeration or freezing temperature without the need for ice. In addition, powered coolers can hold up to 3 times as much food and drinks as traditional passive ice coolers. This allows you to have more of the things that matter most – like more time around the campfire, or more trips from your driveway to the great outdoors.

The Fridge Defend is a patented automatic temperature monitoring device that will protect your Dometic or Norcold fridge from overheating, and even restart it if it fails for any reason. Unlike the built-in thermofuse or high temperature sensor, this device monitors the actual boiler temperature of your Dometic or Norcold fridge.

How the Fridge Defend works

Dometic uses a process called absorption refrigeration technology. The working fluid, which is a mixture of ammonia and water, is heated by electric heating elements or an LP gas flame in the boiler. This process turns the ammonia into a gas, while the water remains as a liquid. The Fridge Defend monitors the boiler to ensure that this process works correctly.

Dometic produces its cooling units in Siegen, Germany and Jaszbereny, Hungary. Only selected employees are involved in activities involving the substance Sodium Chromate (Cr(VI)). The risk for other workers is minimal: the mixing and emptying activities are carried out in separate rooms, and the filling operation takes place outside the factory hall with local exhaust ventilation. Furthermore, the cooling units are filled only after the absorption refrigerators have been completely assembled. Nor cold cooling units