Dog Dewormer For Cancer

Joe Tippens was told he had three months to live when he received his late-stage lung cancer diagnosis in 2016. The Edmond, Oklahoma, man wasn’t about to accept that, so he started taking fenbendazole, also known as Panacur C, a dog dewormer.

Some preclinical studies have found that fenbendazole may have potential as a cancer treatment, but more study is needed, and the federal cancer agency has no research to support this claim. The drug isn’t approved to treat human cancer, and a vet in Canada who posted several videos on TikTok and Facebook has been banned by the college where he studied.

The science behind the treatment is complex, but several testimonials (including some of our own) along with a few scientific papers have documented the success of using Fenbendazole to treat a variety of cancers in cats and dogs. The main reason is that it works to starve cancerous cells of oxygen, causing them to turn to sugar for energy and die off.

This is a very early stage of research, but the promise seems to be there. It’s similar to a new type of immunotherapy being researched at Penn Vet, which involves genetically engineered bacteria to help the immune system find and destroy HER2-positive cancer cells. These results are encouraging, and if they translate to people, it could be an extremely useful strategy for fighting a wide range of cancers. dog dewormer for cancer