Do Soccer Grip Socks Really Work?

When it comes to soccer (and most field sports) grip socks have become the new in-thing. Designed with specialised features they are said to offer an improved playing experience, improving traction and ball control. The big question is – do they actually work?

Footwear experts have investigated the claims that grip socks really do make a difference and are able to deliver. The main benefit of football grip socks is that they help prevent slipping inside boots. This is a common problem that can cause many issues for players of all levels, especially in pre-season or when wearing new boots that haven’t been worn in. The slipping can cause blisters that can be very uncomfortable and ultimately reduce the performance of a player.

Grip socks are also designed to keep your feet cool and dry by absorbing moisture. The soft breathable fabric is also resistant to friction so that it doesn’t rub against your feet causing blisters. Combined with the fact that your feet won’t be slipping around inside your boot, this can reduce foot blisters significantly.

The specialised grip pads are located at the base of the sock, which contacts with the inner surface of your boots to provide stability for your foot. This helps to decrease the likelihood of your foot moving around or slipping inside the boot during rapid directional changes, making it easier to maintain control over the ball and your own movement. In a sport where the margins between success and failure can be so fine, this is a valuable benefit for any athlete to have. soccer grip socks