Dental Supplies – How to Keep Costs Down

Keeping a dental practice supplied is crucial for optimum patient care. A good supply company offers the ability to order supplies online, manage inventories and reorder quickly, making sure practices never run out of essential products. The best dental supplies are FDA or CE approved, and should have clear product instructions to determine if they are single use or reusable.

A good dental supply company will also provide a wide variety of options to meet the needs of individual dentists. Some will also offer special pricing options to support new dental practices or those on a tight budget. This is where it’s important to know what your office spends on supplies, so you can set a realistic budget and work with a supplier that will help you save.

Dental supplies are expensive, and they make up a large percentage of most dental offices’ overall expenditures. One way to keep costs down is to do regular inventory audits and take stock of what you have on hand. Then, review your supply list and remove any items that will expire in the near future.

Another way to keep inventory costs down is to purchase dental supplies online from a trusted supplier that offers competitive prices and transparent billing. For example, Darby Dental has over 40,000 dental product variations throughout several warehouses and distribution centers nationwide. Their website allows groups of dental practices to negotiate contracts and purchasing rules, as well as monitor buying activity to ensure they are always getting the best dental supplies at affordable prices.