Cyprus IVF – Is It Right For You?

Cyprus has become a popular destination for fertility treatment due to its beautiful beaches, Mediterranean climate and affordable prices. Surveys show that hundreds of British couples travel to the country every month to pursue their dreams of becoming parents. Inconsistent NHS provision and the high cost of private IVF in the UK are among the primary reasons for seeking treatment abroad.

The medical team at Cyprus IVF Hospital has over 13 years of combined experience and is supervised by Dr. Serap Kagan. She is a Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist and has a Bachelor of Medicine Degree from Burhan Nalbantoglu University in Turkey. She also holds an International Society for Reproduction and Fertility (ISRF) Embryologist Certificate and a Surgical Laparoscopy Course Certificate from Memorial Hospital in Istanbul.

During cyprus ivf, the patient will receive ovulation stimulating drugs, followed by an egg and sperm donation, where eggs are surgically removed from the woman and mixed with sperm in a lab to create an embryo that is then implanted into her uterus. If successful, the embryo will develop into a pregnancy.

IVF with donor sperm and IVF with own eggs are the most common treatments at Cyprus IVF Hospital. The clinic also offers fertility preservation treatments like social freezing where oocytes are collected and stored for up to one year for a fee of EUR 1,750. The clinic also has a reciprocal IVF/co-maternity program for female same-sex couples at a cost of EUR 5,250. cyprus ivf