What Is Concierge Service?

What Is Concierge Service?

Concierge Service: A personal attendant service runs on the most basic of premises. People want things done but don’t have the time to do them. But they’re happy to pay character to take care of their employment efficiently and with a touch of class. Why not let that someone be you?

Although personal attendant services are a fairly recent development, the number of companies that serve time-starved clients is mushrooming, right along with customer demand for such employments. One San Francisco-based attendant business saw its client base double in 1996 and continue to grow up to 50 percent annually for several years after that. Some 2,000 miles away, a Chi-town concierge firm that began with 25 clients in 1997 grew to service more than 85 clients in just a few years. Enrollment in the National Association of Specialist Organizers, which includes some professionals who provide concierge services, swelled from a few hundred when supported in 1985 to more than 1,100 members by the late 1990s.

 What Is Concierge Service?

Costco Concierge Service

Do you ever wake up and feel like there should be character to do your errands while you sit back and relax? To plan your entire holiday or a date, instead of you sitting in front of the calculator screen for hours? Do you want an expert to be your personal assistant or your lifestyle administrator?

Well, there are corporations which provide such functions. Their employees will do anything for you as long as it’s legal, moral and ethical.

Welcome to the era where concierge services have become a big and a really profitable business model.

Some say that the word ‘concierge’ is derived from a Latin word ‘conservus’ which transcribes to ‘fellow slave’, while some say that it has emerged from the French ‘comte des cierges’, which means ‘the defender of the candles’, which was essentially the main duty of concierges during the Middle Ages. Nonetheless, the meaning and the liabilities of the concierges have reversed over time. They now perform almost every task for top-level managers, VIP customers of banks and hotels, superstars, or everyone who have enough money to outsource their work to them.

A concierge is an human being or a company which is specialised in personal assistance or any other assistance services like household administration, lifestyle management, transport, travel and vacation planning, etc. and provides such personalized services to its clients (usually high-net-worth clients) at a variable price.

The idea is to save the time of the client by performing their routine or specialized tasks.

Concierge functions are a fairly recent addition to the richness industry; all thanks to the constantly changing business ecosystem, the technological advancement, and the long working hours of the working professionals. Such limitations have resulted in lack of time in the life of the communities. They now wish for either more time or someone who can do the work for them while they free their time for the things that matter. Concierge services business model capitalizes on this need.

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Earlier, concierges used to be restricted to hotels or luxury apartment buildings and used to assist guests by making restaurant reservations, arranging spa service, recommending places to visit, booking transportation, etc. But now these individuals and companies have moved ahead and have specialized in a lot of tasks ranging from lining up tickets for concerts or special events, planning a holiday trip, doing the shopping errands, restaurant recommendation and reservations, etc.

The business models of different concierge services providers differ in the types of service provided and to whom it is provided. Some concierges help employers maintain good employer-employee relations, some deal in handling customer grievances, some concierges provide personal travel planning service, while some provide all these services by acting as a personal assistant or lifestyle managers.

ersonal concierge services are on the rise. With the emergence of digital and the desire for experiences over ownership, modern concierge companies are radically evolving to deliver exceptional services 24/7 to their affluent clients.

Modern affluent women and men know that time is their most precious resource. When you’re always connected and on the go, your time is the one thing you can never get back.

To help you save time and get privileged access to private events that money can’t buy, a luxury concierge is your perfect companion. It’s your secret weapon to unlock a world of exclusive experiences and VIP events.

Looking for a last-minute private jet to take you from New York to Miami over the weekend? No problem! Dying to get a front-row seat at the next Oscar ceremony? Done! Wanting to try the new Michelin star restaurant in London? Your table is reserved for this evening. It’s that easy.

Well, nearly that easy. You first need to find the luxury concierge service that’s right for you.

To help you find the best lifestyle concierge to fit your needs, we’re reviewing the top 11 concierge companies in the world. Before jumping into the actual list, we’ll quickly look at what exactly is a luxury concierge. We’ll tell you why they might be relevant to you, and more importantly, what you should pay attention to when selecting your concierge.

Concierge Service Meaning

Concierge Service Meaning

Once exclusive to five-star hotels and luxury retailers, concierge-style customer service is something today’s mainstream businesses aspire to deliver.

Hotel concierges are known for being emotionally intelligent, observant and proactive. Their sole purpose is to find opportunities to make a hotel guest’s stay as memorable as possible – often by anticipating their needs, making recommendations or offering “random acts of kindness.”

First and foremost, hotel guests view the concierge as a trusted advisor who makes recommendations for restaurants, tourist destinations and a variety of services to enhance their stay.

Even though many of the most celebrated examples come from five-star hotels, they should inspire you to up the CS ante even if you’re not in the hospitality business or even offering white-glove service. Here are five ways to offer concierge-style customer service.

“Surprise and delight,” now a buzzword in CX influencer circles, is at the core of concierge-style customer service. Unexpected amenities and perks are the quickest way to a customer’s heart. Why? When someone makes us feel noticed and special, we never forget. Unsurprisingly, hotels have always excelled at this.

The Westin brand, for instance, provides running kits to guests through its Gear Lending program, catered to those who may have packed light but would like to exercise during their stay. The hotel delivers fitness gear and shoes in your size to your room to spare you having to pack your smelly running shoes on a business trip – useful, surprising and seamless.

A more heartwarming example of a hotel going above and beyond is when a little girl left her favorite stuffed animal at a hotel in Ireland. Staff gave the bunny five-star treatment complete with turndown service and high tea.

Visa Infinite Concierge Service

Busy professionals short on time are willing to save a few hours per week by hiring someone to run to the cleaners, take their dog to the vet, organize their itinerary for their next business trip, or perform other similar tasks. As a personal concierge, you’ll attend to such details for your clients.

Like all small businesses, there are pros and cons associated with being a personal concierge. Before venturing into such a career choice, it’s important to understand what the job entails, why it might be a good fit for you, and what some of the potential challenges include.

Working as a personal concierge is much like working as a personal assistant. However, personal assistants typically work for one company, serving a single executive or perhaps is shared by several executives. As a personal concierge, you’ll work as an independent contractor, taking on clients who need your services. Clients’ needs vary greatly. Some need only a few hours of assistance every week, and others require multiple hours per day.

Many people think of hotel concierges when they hear the word, and personal concierges really aren’t much different. They just serve a different clientele with different needs. While a hotel concierge might be asked to lock down dinner reservations—or perform other similar tasks—for guests staying in town no more than a day or two, personal concierges often serve clients for extended periods of time.

How much does concierge service cost?

Others bill on monthly retainers, while others charge per service or per hour. It’s your game, and you can tailor it to meet your needs. When asked to put numbers to their fees, concierges say their typical charges would work out to be anywhere from $25 to $125 an hour, depending on the particular task.

What is complimentary concierge service?

Save time and make your life easier with the complimentary Visa Signature Concierge service. Just call anytime, 24 hours a day. The Visa Signature Concierge service can help you find tickets to the top sports and entertainment events, book travel, make dinner reservations, and even help you find the perfect gift.

Are concierge services free?

Concierge services are free and tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s certainly appreciated. While you can wait to tip your concierge until the end of your stay, it can be better to grease the wheels right from the get-go.