Buying a Fire Fighting Pump

If you live on a farm or in an area that is at risk of wildfire, then you should have a fire fighting pump ready to help battle the flames while waiting for the professionals. A fire fighting hose and pump provides you with high pressure water to fight the fire and prevent it from spreading further. You can also use a fire fighting pump to do the same for your home or business if it becomes threatened by a fire.

A fire fighting pump is generally a portable gas or diesel powered high pressure water pump that has been built specifically to assist in the battle against fire. The motor and the pump are fixed together into one unit, and they are often fitted into a roll cage to keep them safe from damage during transport. The pumps are usually rated to withstand high pressure and have a large discharge port for the hose to connect to.

There are different types of fire fighting pumps to choose from, depending on the needs of your situation. Typically, you can find a centrifugal marine fire pump that will need priming before it can operate. Priming is a process where air is forced out of the pump to fill it up with water, and it works much like the air-driven positive displacement pumps found in everyday plumbing systems. There are also self-priming marine fire pumps that can prime themselves to be ready for action, so you don’t have to wait while they suck in water during an emergency.

When shopping for a fire fighting pump, look for a model with a single or twin impeller. The type of impeller will determine how much head the pump has. The higher the head, the more water that can be pumped out at once. This is especially important when it comes to combating a major fire, as you will need to be able to move water quickly.

Generally, you will find that most fire fighting pumps have a head between 100 and 200 feet. They are also designed to have a maximum flow of 3,000 gallons per minute. This is more than enough to put out most fires.

You may also want to consider a fire fighting pump that has a trolley kit attached or convenient handles for easy transportability. The weight of the pump will also be an important factor to consider, as you will need to be able transfer it easily and quickly.

Electric start fire fighting pumps are available to make them more portable than their recoil counterparts. They work just like a car, so you can turn them on and off by simply turning a key. The pump will need a battery to run, and most models will have the battery with harness gear sitting within the frame of the cage for easy portability.

When choosing a fire fighting pump, it is best to look for a model that has undergone third party testing to ensure that it meets the requirements of your location and situation. This will help you be confident that your pump will provide you with the water pressure and head necessary to effectively combat a fire.