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A police officer is murdered in the line of duty, his body reconstructed into a crime-eradicating cyborg and dubbed RoboCop. Part man, part machine, all law enforcer, RoboCop is programmed with only three prime directives: Serve the public trust, Protect the innocent and Uphold the law.

In a near future Detroit where crime has reached epidemic proportions, the private corporation Omni Consumer Products wins a contract to privatize the city’s police force. Street cop Alex Murphy is ambushed by a gang and killed. His corpse is reconstructed within a steel shell and given new life as the crime-suppressing cyborg RoboCop. His partner Anne Lewis follows him on his mission, and the two are soon overwhelmed by an influx of criminals.

Playing the iconic part man, part machine, all cop hero – with original voice actor Peter Weller in place – you’ll investigate a new threat that has emerged on the streets of Old Detroit. But as you work through the story, it becomes clear that there’s something more bubbling under the surface.

The game’s open world enables you to explore the grimy and decrepit streets of Detroit and its gang-ruled suburbs. You can interact with the citizens and upgrade your dialogue choices through a skill tree to earn goodwill and gain information, but it’s also possible to take down enemies using violence if that’s more your thing. As you progress through the game, your actions and decisions will have a lasting impact on the city and its citizens.  Buy RoboCop