Bamboo Shades – What You Need To Know

Bamboo shades have A rich historical beginning in Asia many hundreds of years ago. Back then everyone from noblemen to peasants used bamboo due to the fact that the materials were so cheap and readily available.

Today people choose these types shades over conventional materials and designs because of its natural and oriental look. And the good thing is that the affordability of these shades hasn’t changed much since the days when the Japanese used them. These shades can be purchased for anywhere from $25 all the way up in to the hundreds of dollars. The prices of the shades generally depends on the manufacturer and the location from which the bamboo was taken. Obviously shades made from imported Japanese bamboo is going to cost slightly more that your average brands that are mass produced.

Bamboo shades are often used on the inside but they are as easily used in an outside environment as they are on the inside. Some people use there bamboo shades to block the sun on outside decks and patios. When it comes to outside applications the good thing about this material is that it is very resilient against environmental factors such at sun light, moisture, and general wear and tear. Most are covered in a protective lacquer that enhances there protection against the elements but bamboo shades are quite resilient with out the lacquer added.

Whatever your desired use is for bamboo shades they always add an interesting flare to any room, they also accent certain furniture types and bring out a true oriental feel to the living space.

They can be purchased cheaply at most local hardware and housing stores or can even be made by a handyman or women! To make them you are going to need a few tools and supplies such as string and a saw. But that is another discussion.. bamboo socks