Accounting Services Sofia

Accounting services are an essential service that boosts development opportunities by ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining detailed financial records. Accounting provides a quantitative financial data and allows businesses to identify profitability, as well as to take strategic insights. However, many business owners struggle to keep track of all the tasks related to their accounting system.

Hence, it is essential to find professional accountants that offer the best accounting services Sofia. They will take care of all the accounting duties and help you focus on other important aspects to grow your company. They will also assist you in submitting all the required taxes, fees and declarations, which will save your time and effort.

We are a large legal accounting firm with a big partnership network and offices throughout the country. We are a member of PKF International, the 15th largest accounting network worldwide, which gives us access to global expertise in financial audit, tax consulting, and corporate finance services.

We can help you set up your accounting system and implement effective record-keeping systems for any type of business. In addition, we can help you prepare a detailed budget and monitor your expenditures to meet all the statutory requirements. We can also provide you with a full range of financial statements in accordance with the Bulgarian National Standards and IFRS for Large and Medium-Sized Enterprises (NFRSSME). Additionally, we can assist you with VAT refund procedures, as well as with the submission of your annual financial reports. Счетоводни услуги софия