5 Tips To Spice Up Your Desktop Background

They say that laughter is the best medicine; so why stick with a dull and boring nature desktop background when you can use different funny wallpaper backgrounds or funny pictures day after day? There are hundreds of sites online that offer comic relief to computer users by developing hilarious funny images and funny backgrounds sure to make you laugh or even smile!
If you want a refreshing change out of a boring desktop design,5 Tips To Spice Up Your Desktop Background Articles then a funny wallpaper background is for you. Here are some creative ways to look for the best comical free site:
1. You can type in the words “funny wallpapers” or “funny pictures” on your search engine and enter. You will be redirected to various sites that allow you to download wallpapers for free or for a price. You may also choose to find funny images on the web and save them on file (if the site allows it).
2. Jokes can also be made as funny wallpapers. Some online sites are filled with downloadable jokes, comics, visual antics, humorous quotes and many other funny things that anyone can just download and save. If you think these jokes are lame, think of your own one and open a new word file to create and save.
3. If you just can’t find a site that can put a smile on your face, why not take snapshots of funny things around you at home, in the office, along the road to work, at the park or even while you are on vacation. There is always something funny somewhere like a funny sign, a funny picture of a humorous custom or even a hilarious image of you and your family. Save these photos and use a photo editing software to enhance snap shots even more. Try cropping the pictures to make them funnier, place funny details or alter body figures to your liking.
4. Have you seen funny bumper stickers? This can either make you laugh as you drive or make you groan in despair. You can have these stickers as funny wallpapers just by searching online and finding the one that makes you smile best. You can save the picture as it is or make changes through a photo editing software for a more personalized effect.
5. Is your office as dull and as boring as your office computer desktop? Make things lighter and merrier with tricks that can truly make anyone laugh or even scared. There are fake computer desktops that can be downloaded online to decoy people who love to meddle with their co-employee’s affairs. Just download this fake computer desktop set it when you are out to lunch or out for a bathroom break and watch your colleagues scream in horror as a zombie appears on the screen!
There are many more funny wallpapers and funny background ideas you can choose from online. With these funny ideas, you can make life a little brighter and stress much easier to handle as well.jewelry photo editing service