5 Tips for Set-Up When Starting a Dollar Store

There is no denying the amount of work required to plan,Guest Posting prepare and make things just right when starting a dollar store.  Fortunately there are few easy actions to help expedite the hardest job of all; receiving the first loads of incoming freight and then stocking the shelves with dollar store merchandise for the first time.  Read on for 5 tips for set-up which can make handling the thousands and thousands of incoming dollar store items a bit easier.

Tip #1) Take each preparatory step in the right order.
For example; never order dollar store items until you have a location and signed lease in-hand.  Also have the store fixtures in-place before starting to place product cartons and boxes onto the sales floor.

Tip #2) Create a documented store layout plan once the location is secured.
One of the first actions to take once a lease has been negotiated and signed is to create a plan for the placement of gondola shelving and other displays.  Be sure traffic flows freely throughout the store and there are no areas of congestion.  If you are starting a dollar store the goal is to make it easy for shoppers to find the products they seek by stocking complementary items close together.

Tip #3) Start receiving incoming dollar store merchandise as quickly as possible.
Once the gondola shelves are in-place, take all receiving actions including ID # and quantity verification, entry into POS, and product pricing.  Do everything possible to check in as much of this new merchandise as possible before you start stocking the sales floor.

Tip #4) Deliver cartons of dollar store items to the aisle designated in your layout.
With receiving actions complete, start delivering boxes and cartons to the sales floor.  Place item cartons in the aisles designated for display of the items.  Leave plenty of room so boxes can be sorted and complementary items can be sorted and then stocked side-by-side.

Tip #5) Follow proper stock work procedures.
When first opening a dollar store it is imperative for you to follow all the basic dollar store merchandise stock handling and display processes.  In this way you can maximize sales while eliminating the need to do anything a second time.

Starting a dollar store can turn into an absolute nightmare if you fail to establish a smooth easily managed process flow for everything required to plan, prepare and actually open for the first time.

Never order dollar store merchandise prior to finding a location and signing your lease.  Make sure you do everything possible to make the first time display of dollar store items as quick and painless as possible..  http://longfarms.ca/