Study one year in Italy

The Italian language school Leonardo da Vinci offers Italian language courses lasting through the year. On the off chance that you need to read Italian for a significant stretch of time you can have a 9 months Italian language course (the Academic school year course) or a year Italian course (Sabbatical year program). Año nuevo 2021 Deseos Saludos para todos With the 9 months Academic school year in Italy you will have the occasion to learn Italian language and steep in the Italian culture, while having a language and sentence structure course first, and general culture unit later. In this second piece of the course you will go to exercises about: History of Italian Art Business Italian Fashion Italian History and Civilization History of Design and Architecture Introduction to Italian Gastronomy Moreover you will have 80 exercises of groundwork for the two Diploma «Firenze» AIL tests DILI (middle level) and DALI (progressed level). Beginning dates for apprentices: from 05 May 2008 to 12 December 2008; from 22 September 2008 to 22 May 2009; Duration: 32 weeks Lessons: 650 exercises of language, culture and test Level: amateur and rudimentary levels Class size: min. 5 – max. 12 members in each class Extras: Special convenience costs The a year Italian course Sabbatical Year, all things being equal, is completely centered around Italian language. This program has a length of 48 weeks and it’s particularly intended for understudies who need to spend a significant stretch in Italy and enjoy a reprieve from their regular daily existence. In the event that you need to read Italian for a year in Italy we propose you the Sabbatical Year program: you will get the opportunity to get a high capable degree of Italian language, while going to Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena, as projects are the equivalent in every Leonardo da Vinci branch. Beginning dates: like clockwork (aside from Siena: each monday) Duration: least 48 weeks Lessons: 4 for every dayFind Article, 20 every week Level: novice and rudimentary level Extras: uncommon long haul rebate; concentrate in various urban communities Do you need to have more data about these Italian language long haul courses? If you don’t mind visit: haul courses.html#SabbaticalYear Sabbatical course – Italian course for a year year-in-italy.php Academic school year – Italian language course for a very long time