Pilates Classes at Phytness Wollongong

pilates wollongong is the practice of controlled movement that improves flexibility, strengthens muscles and enhances core stability. This low impact exercise is perfect for people with back pain, neck pain, arthritis, sciatica and other injuries. It can also aid in rehabilitation following a sporting injury and help with managing chronic conditions like osteoporosis. Its focus on proper alignment and improved posture results in a stronger, more graceful body that feels taller and leaner.

Using the latest Clinical equipment including the reformer, tower, Wunda chairs and foam rollers, Phytness physiotherapists provide an extensive range of both strength and balance based Pilates exercises on the specialised equipment. Our physiotherapists will tailor your program to suit your goals and ability levels ensuring safe and effective progression.

Our studio is equipped with state of the art Clinical Pilates equipment which includes a trapeze table, a reformer bed and tower, wunda chair and foam rollers. These sleek pulley systems offer a great variety of functional and resistance based exercises, perfect for beginners and the avid fitness enthusiast. They also offer a more challenging workout for those with a high level of fitness and can be used to rehabilitate injuries.

We are passionate about helping our clients to move more efficiently and effectively in their bodies. All of our instructors have a keen eye for form and will ensure you perform all movements with optimal control and alignment, thereby getting the most out of your pilates session and helping your body achieve its full potential. Performing Pilates incorrectly is dangerous and can cause injury. This is why having a highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructor is worth its weight in gold.

Whether you are looking for traditional physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates or a combination of both your first appointment will be with one of our Physiotherapists who will assess you in clinic. They will determine the safe and non-aggravating Pilates exercises that are suitable for your injury, taking into consideration your current pain or symptoms. They will also prescribe techniques and exercises that you can do at home to complement your treatment at Phytness HealthCare.

Pregnancy Pilates

Specific Pregnancy Pilates exercises can help to reduce diastasis recti, the separation of the abdominal muscles common in pregnancy, and assist with a strong recovery postpartum. They can also support the changing body throughout pregnancy and prepare for labour and birth.